7 thoughts on “September 9, 2018

  1. Is that good fortune or what on Dethany’s part, thanks to her fridge?

    (Plus, would that actually happen in the real world? Just out of curiosity)

    • Well, in theory it could happen in the real world in the near future, but you’d need to have five or so different systems communicating with each others, and I hope noone has their privacy settings that low.
      Fi’s Alexa or Siri listening in on the phone call, then contacting Fi’s GPRS to find out where she is taking Curt, then contacting Dethany’s fridge, which contacts the grocery store to have the stuff delivered.

      • The real issue is getting a package that fast. Unless the office computers knew of the emergency before anyone else, you’d need drone delivery to get that kind of speed.

        • Already is. There are smart fridges that track inventory and can generate shopping lists. Amazon/Whole Foods (app) offers 2 hour delivery. Other stores are doing that now too.

          My local Wally had a parking space with 4 stations for curbside pickup of online orders. They just expanded that to 10…

          Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and all those…
          Even McDonalds is offering delivery now. 😜

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