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  1. I’m not sure how buying secondhand “kills the economy”. It provides money to the reseller, which she can now spend on new stuff, and it saves me money which I can spend on other stuff. And as long as an item remains useful in its current form, reusing it is more eco-friendly than discarding or even recycling it.
    Fi’s argument sounds suspiciously like the old broken-windows fallacy.

    • Yes, exactly!

      And…it enables you to actually buy MORE from MORE places/people.

      I buy second-hand when possible and if I’m out going to yard sales then I am splitting my money between several people, not giving it to one corporation. I think that would HELP the economy!

  2. Buying from estate sales gives money to the heirs who neither want nor need the entirety of of their deceased relative’s possessions. If it wasn’t sold, then the material would be trashed and landfilled, and who would that benefit?

  3. Well, since this strip has decided to get into the cost of education – I’d start asking why the price has inflated so fast? Even faster than healthcare. It’s not going to the professors. Changing who pays for it doesn’t fix the root problem, it just feeds the monster. Various articles blame cost increase on a bloating administration.

  4. The logical consumer response to this one is a simple one. Abstain from college. The purpose of a college education for most is to provide a better livelihood. If the price required to get one makes the student a debt slave for life then that defeats the purpose of the thing. In such an instance colleges have priced themselves out of the market and may as well take the consequence of the bad choices that they have made. “Things that cannot go on forever, don’t!”. ^_^

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