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  1. Gotta say this one disapoints. As down to earth as this and Bills other comics are, using made-up terms like that – which specifically only denigrade men – that’s just low.

    Heck, the hypocrisy of it: Rose not spoken over someone, or similarly “femsplained” to another character why she thinks she’s right and they’re wrong?

    So – bad joke – poor taste. We could just as well argue that Dethany is femsplaining over a dead man’s grave.

  2. Anti-male sexism? Please!

    Bethany / Dethany – you’re better than that.
    Mr. Holbrook – you’re ALSO better than that.

    STOP it, please. NOW.

    Thank you.

      • No, you may have seen an ego before. Many people have. But “mansplaining” is a fiction created by feminists to demonize men. And both men and women can show ego. Commenting on ego would have probably worked for humor. Calling it “mansplaining” doesn’t

          • Skywatcher:

            I checked your link. It stated the first occurrence was by :phosfate.” “BigBadWolf” only posted a collection of them. (It doesn’t say whether to support them, mock them, or something else.) However, phosfate’s use “Oh, gosh, thank you so much for mansplaining this to us” does, indeed, look like a feminist comment — complete with the condescending tone toward all males.

            I do have a question. Did you bother to read your own source? It doesn’t say what you seem to think it does. On the other hand, if they edited it quickly before I saw it, I’m sorry.

      • It’s a poorly done joke. “Man-splaning” is when a man assumes a woman has the IQ of a stone and explains things in a condescending manner.

        This guy put it on his tombstone, for *everyone* to read. So, Dethany comes off sexist here, assuming he only meant it for women, or that only men can be pedantic.

        If you’re going to make a joke about something that relies on a verbal action with a specific target, then you probably should tell the joke the same way.

  3. It’s not manspaining. It’s explaining. People often think they understand something when they actually don’t. I’m no exception. So if someone is willing to take the time to explain something to me, I’ll take the time to listen to them.

    • It is mansplaining when you try to explain something to someone who knows more about what you are explaining than you do, and it is obvious because they are an expert in the field and you got it totally wrong. This most often occurs when a man is trying to correct a woman on some technical topic in which she is well trained and he dabbles, hence the term.

  4. I thought this was going to be a lawyer joke – along the lines of the one wishing a “Merry Christmas” in politically correct, non-denominational and culturally sensitive language.

    What’s really odd is Dethany’s stance – as if it’s a riff on “man spreading”.

    Whatever, today’s strip fell flat with me.

  5. Using terminology of extremist groups is generally not a good idea if you want a comic to hold up for long. Doesn’t matter if its religious terrorists or feminists or extreme left/right politicians. If they make up words that only their group uses to describe stuff, it really shouldn’t be used in a comic unless you are mocking the word itself.

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