5 thoughts on “October 29, 2016

  1. Any else feel the irony that Fi is now engaged but Deathany who has been dating the security guy steadily for much longer isn’t?

  2. Yabbut Dethany isn’t actively fighting kicking and screaming against a happy ending like Fi has been. It’ll happen when it happens. (Oh, and IOACS,YRSR)

  3. They’re choosing to let their reltionship unfold at its own pace.
    There was a strip, at a lunch date with her mom, when her mom asked for an indication that the relationship was moving forward.
    She yelled “change” , and went to sit with Guys mom, and he greeter her with , ” Hello, Major Dendrobia”.
    “Call me Ann.” 😊
    Deth seemed to be happily chatting with Guy’s mom, in the background.

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