5 thoughts on “October 24, 2018

  1. “The Walking Dead” is tame? Dethany’s awesomeness just went up awesomely! I’m not sure I *WANT* to know what the zombie makup is like, given Wendy’s expression. 🙂

    Well done, sir!

  2. What’s with the “Unity Day” caption between the 2nd & 3rd panels?

    (Wouldn’t it have been easier to stick it in the either the top or bottom corners of the strip itself?)

  3. As legend would tell, the ‘Phantom’ was severely disfigured when pyrotechnics accidentally blew up in his face while onstage. The audience and theatre cast were SO horrified by what little was left of his face that they forcibly drove him from the theatre rather than help him. He fled to the sewers, saw his skeletal face in a pool of water and it drove him insane! His face (somehow) partially recovered, but his sanity didn’t; The Phantom swore revenge on the very theatre and people who had not only destroyed his acting career, but also let him approach the brink of death without attempting to save him or assist him in any way. Tragic much?

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