10 thoughts on “October 11, 2018

  1. Very true. One percenters like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barry Obama and Bernie Sanders will always be quite eager and greedy to tax away our money for the sake of lining their own nest. 😛

    • You forgot Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Mitch McConnell, Mark Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins…

      Also, I’m guessing you don’t read this strip much.

      • Oh, I read it plenty but that doesn’t mean that I feel obliged to let my own points go unmade from time to time. Since you responded with people who also work for the government rather than the people in the private sector that the 1% label normally attacks I guess you took my point as well. ^_^

    • … and who’s been warping federal policies for his own benefit and using his own properties for government functions?

      • First, my backstory: My mother (and step-father) are both currently 5 years retired, managed to pay for 4 kids to go through college (myself twice, technically three times because my mother took her conceived out of wedlock baby with her to college), and… she’s not even 50 yet.

        Mind you, when she had me (age 19, in 1989), she was so broke that she had to take on multiple jobs and still didn’t make enough for both food and diapers. She would on multiple occations steal condiments from the breakrooms, mix them with water and that would be her meal of the day.

        So, yeah, this comic Does Not reflect reality. As far as I know… for my entire extended family. (I’ve got a lot of cousins…)

        But now for my actual comment.
        Donald Trump doesn’t get a paycheck for being the President, and wont receive one when he steps down either. You do know that, right? And his policies have given tax cuts to… pretty much everyone. And overall employment is higher than it’s ever been in thirty years (Not just “unemployment” being down) Just say’n…

        Also that’s not how the “1%” works. The so called “1%” changes all the time. And if you want to get really technical about it… if you live in America, You Are the 1%.

        Seriously, we throw out so much trash that even the homeless in our country can find food to eat. (True, it’s not very good food, but the point still remains.)

        And you if you really want to continue with the idea that all of our life savings go to the “1%”.

        • Actually, he does get a paycheck for it…one he’s very publicly made a show of donating to a variety of areas. It’s also barely pocket change to him.

          Yes, there have been tax cuts for almost everyone, but it’s who the cuts grant the most to that is most telling, and the wealthiest have received the most from that, causing the middle and lower classes to shoulder more of the tax burden as a result because as an example, 1% of a multimillionaire’s income is many times more than that of someone of average income.

          As for the employment, that trend was on the rise before he took office. While I’ll credit him for the trend continuing, I will not credit the entirety of it to him.

          The 1% in general is an American term…spreading it globally would, yes, put Americans up there, but as a purely national thing it essentially is…it brings attention to a glaring income inequality that divides people. I’m not saying everyone should make the same amount, but a CEO making 300 times the salary of their average employees is unnecessary and in the long run detrimental

    • Very true. It originally began life as socialist propaganda of the Henry George variety. Good thing the American people, Clarence Darrow and Parker Brothers altered it enough to make it worth playing. ^_^

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