3 thoughts on “October 11, 2016

  1. Critical thinking about what you see on TV is important everywhere, not just during election season. And especially for things like advertisements.

    Like when some company advertises “save up to 75% or more” which means … absolutely nothing.

    Or insurance ads – ever notice how every company claims that most people who switched saved a lot of money? How is it possible that everybody switching companies is saving money, regardless of the company? Until you realize that (assuming they’re not lying, of course) there’s a self-selection bias at play here. People who don’t end up saving money aren’t going to switch companies. The only people who switch companies and end up paying more are those who have no choice – because their existing policies were canceled for some reason.

    Or the one I love to make fun of is one where they’re advertising some ED drug on the radio saying “why is this man smiling? He just called our phone number….” And I’m thinking “Why is he smiling? He didn’t have sex. He didn’t take the pill to have sex. He doesn’t have a prescription for the pill. He doesn’t even have an appointment to see the doctor yet. All he did was call a phone number and listen to a recorded sales pitch, and apparently that’s all it takes.” Seriously?

    • Regarding saving money, regardless of company: same goes for customer satisfaction. Of course any given company’s customers are going to be satisfied. The majority of unsatisfied ones would have already gone somewhere else!

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