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  1. How about Actual Agression. Can’t tell you how often people have actually belittled me.

    For example, Junior year, my Vice Principal had randomly brought me to his office. All he asked was “Have you ever hit your brother?” When I answered honestly, “well, yeah, because we’re brothers”, he imediatly started yelling, went on a huge soapbox rant about how brothers are susposed to care for each other, refused to let me defend myself and then gave me detention when I Honestly Forgot to (then Refused) to call him “Sir”.

    Took me almost a week to find out that he was accusing me of “Child Abuse” with my own brother. Clearly, this man had never had any siblings. I’ll take being called “Little Lady” over being yelled at for litterally No Reason and then forced to “respect” the person that did all of the disrepectful actions.

    Besides, we all know Deathany has much tougher skin than that. Just ask her tattoe artists. :p

    • Sorry, but this strip betrays everything that we know about Deathany up to this point. She’s a strong independant woman. She doesn’t care what others think about her and she lets her work speak for itself. She’s never once let anyone, not even her own mother get her down, nor change her beautifully unique ways of looking at the world.

      But one “little lady” and she feels belittled? Please don’t join this rediculous bandwaggon.

      • I believe this is a demonstration of Dethany’s strength. She, like all of us, has her own genuine insecurities, but doesn’t let them get in the way of her goals. In this case, she never lets the offending party see the result of his behavior. She continues to present the steady professionalism that’s her hallmark.

        She doesn’t forget, however.

  2. …Yeah I disagree, Microtransgressions are not even worth noticing, nothing makes me (as a woman) feel smaller than FULL ON sexism and disrespect, but Microgransgressions are kinda something you can just brush off.

    • Sure you can.

      “S’matter, little lady?” says the man who’s waist is almost a foot higher than the desk.

      “Nothing, big guy.” Deathy says with a smile, while imagining she’s speaking to Frankenstein’s monster.

      Offense is taken, never given.

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