10 thoughts on “May 7, 2018

  1. Ditto for those allegedly anonymous counseling services companies provide. Nobody will ever convince me that these services really are anonymous. They owe their contracts to the company and will therefore do anything necessary to keep those contracts, including share any information management wants shared.

    • But they owe their licensing to the State which enforces the Patient Confidenciality clause. If they are caught passing information to the company, they lose their ability to be councilors and thus their career. Better to lose their job than their career.

  2. So, I finally just finished binge re-reading this. I’d forgotten some plot details so it was nice to refresh. Love all three Series, I’m off to restart Safe Havens. Appropo of nothing else, will the Kevin and Kell App update soon?

    • Thanks so very much for your investment of time! I really appreciate it! 🙂
      Unfortunately, the company that produced the Kevin & Kell app pulled the plug on it, so no.

  3. HR, or whatever they call themselves these days, is, and always has been a solution looking for a problem..

    • Well, they are a necessary evil. There are insane amounts of government laws, regulations and paperwork that somebody has to deal with.

      But necessary evil is still evil.

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