6 thoughts on “March 26, 2017

  1. So really, unusually casual clothes should be a sign that an employee is good at her job.

    He didn’t ask about nepotism. Maybe he figures that Ms. Trellis is too mean to show favor to family.

  2. It’s a better reason than “I have the goods on Ms. Trellis, and one word from me in the proper ear would send her straight to where orange is the new black, forever.” Yes, I know…Ms. Trellis is too careful to break the law. However, if she wasn’t…

  3. I wouldn’t necessarily call Dethany’s clothes unusually casual. I’d say that she’s more or less going ‘corporate Goth’ – work appropriate but not conventional office attire.

    I love Dethany to bits and wish that more of us Goth types were able to be ourselves at work. I know whenever I’ve started a new job I tend to have to fly under the radar until I’ve proven that I can do the job well before I can safely start letting my Goth flag fly. As it is I’m now stuck wearing a uniform five days a week…at least it’s mostly black!

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