5 thoughts on “June 8, 2017

  1. Back when I was a copy & file clerk, the office had an ancient Hewlett-Packard high volume microfiche printer. Darn thing broke down so often that we had the repair tech on speed dial.

    Although we moved out of that building in 2009, I’m guessing the HP monster is still there.

    • And if it still functions at all, never let it go. You never know when the record you need is ONLY on fiche…

    • I was in an office (years ago!) with a rather heavily used fiche machine; it had a carousel full of fiche, hooked up to a database to pull up the desired images from a search. Once in a while, one of the feed mechanism would jam and tear up the fiche.

      The machine must have been a good Catholic though – it only ate fiche on Friday.

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