12 thoughts on “June 20, 2018

  1. Ooh, that must’ve struck a nerve.

    Mind you, it’s no more than what Vinci often went through in “Vinci & Arty”…

    (I’d add the pages in question, but the comic’s archive is down at the moment)

  2. Corporate goth is a thing, I know several…lol
    She can find more professional clothes that still reflects who she is.

    • Acting like one too.
      But then, she is a mom to a six-year old. I guess mom (or appearing to be a mom) to a teenager is too much for her.

  3. Something like this happened to my brother and tenant child came to get me. My brother answered the door and ask him if his son (me two years older and weekend managers) was home to help him. He was not happy and I can’t remember if any family members heard the kid and he wasn’t happy. Then he started to colour his hair

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