2 thoughts on “June 17, 2017

  1. I know Dyslexia has many forms, but I would have thought that the same thing that messes up being able to sort letter patterns would also affect interpreting numbers on a page too. Both words and numbers are shapes on a page. If you can’t perceive the order of the shapes…
    You might be able to do amazingly complex maths in your head but only see a random jumble on a page.

    Personally, I learned to read without being able to spell. Still amazes people that I can read at speed, but not necessarily know how to spell. Sounding out letters never worked for me, but BANG one day I started to be able to read and way faster than everyone else around me. (Who were still ‘sounding out’ difficult words).

  2. Umm bill? I know that in late to the party on this page, but I was rereading the archive and just caught Fi’s line. Is Fi dyslexic too, was that a clue to it?

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