12 thoughts on “June 1, 2018

    • Actually, they did, since SH is playing a few years ahead of this.
      Still don’t know why tht would be useful for the Mars mission…

  1. If they haven’t expired, they can be re-sold. Definitely doable at a small company. Probably too much paperwork for a big company like Fastrack.

    On the other hand, if the company is big enough, you can usually have the IT department take it and distribute it to some other group that is still using that model printer.

    On the other other hand, Bud is the IT department, so that’s probably already been tried.

      • You can sell them on eBay. Even if they are expired, as long as you clearly label them as expired, preferably in large print, in the title, and multiple other places (people will buy without reading everything at times, I don’t know why). There are buyers out there that are willing to try to use them.

        • To be fair, if the bag is still sealed and the box was stored at room temperature, it is highly unlikely that the toner would degrade so far as to produce bad prints.

    • Never just throw out toner cartridges (or drums). They are hazardous waste. There are plenty of places that will recycle it for free, including Staples stores.

      Some brands (definitely HP, probably others) include prepaid return shipping labels so you can send spent cartridges (don’t know about full-but-expired) for recycling.

      • All cartridges are hazardous waste. Unfortunately, all you can to is to refurbish them to try to keep them out of landfills. There are both recycling and economic cost to both parts. Even if you ship them pre-paid to recycle them, the cartridges still end up in landfills in China or other places. Many cartridges are not worth it to refurbish due to labor and replacements costs since you can buy an replacement cartridge for cost lower than refurbish cartridges. That’s the unfortunate reality.

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