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  1. Ms. Trellis is a conniving, scheming business executive who seeks to get people to sign into lopsided contracts before they realize what they are getting themselves into. I would have a rule about meeting someone like that alone. And I wouldn’t be too trusting of anyone who calls that “a doctrinaire loser stuck in the middle ages.”

    Wanting an advocate and a witness is a very good idea.

    • If he was a businessman who worked with such a team, it would have been mentioned in some way. If the focus of the story was on Ms. Trellis’ sharklike behavior, the strip would have said, “she refused to let him bring his legal team.” The tone would have been different and focused more on elements like you mentioned.

      The focus of the strip not that, however, and the way it is structured implies the issue is on his end.

      Likely, he’s used to meeting with other guys on the golf course/at a bar sort of deal.

      Either way, by refusing to bring a team along, AND claiming what he has, he’s just looking for excuses not to do businesses.

      …but instead of something classy or straightforwardly respectful, he went low and shitty.

      • You are adding things not present in the strip.

        “Likely, he’s used to meeting with other guys on the golf course/at a bar sort of deal”

        Not stated in the strip. Even if it were, that’s not one-on-one. There are other witnesses.

        “by refusing to bring a team along, ”

        Let’s play your game: If he had refused to bring a team along, the strip would have shown such a refusal explicitly. In fact what the strip does show on the following day is Ms. Trellis using her position to intimidate someone.

        It may reasonably be expected, though there is room for doubt, that she asked to meet him alone (i.e. without a team) and that he refused.

  2. Unless people can see into Rose’s office, the gentleman is correct in his hesitation.

    I wouldn’t put it past Rose to threaten to bring false accusations against a tough visitor unless they agree to her contract terms.

  3. This continues to prove Ms. Trellis is a liberal. A conservative would appreciate someone with a sense of honor like that.

      • I think Dave is reading too much of his own views into this strip, yes. Also, the guy in the strip could likely have brought along a team at any time; the focus here is on him, and Ms. Trellis has met with teams, before.

        Likely he’s used to dealing with “other guys” in business.

        He’s going for the easy, and insulting, way out. If honor really mattered to him, he’d make arrangements on his end. There is a lot to be said for quiet politeness and competence.

    • I just see her as a business executive, looking for any advantage she can get. She isn’t worried about a “sense of honor.” She wants him to be more vulnerable.

  4. Perhaps he’s one of those guys who’s still ashamed that he was born naked in bed with a woman to whom he had not been properly introduced.

    • Be especially careful if they invite you to dinner at that new Italian restaurant, Lucretia’s… DON’T eat the mushrooms!

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