6 thoughts on “July 2, 2017

  1. We have Federal Government, State Government, Country Government, City Government. Why would someone willingly submit to Neighborhood Government?

    • Because unless you are painfully aware of what an HOA can do, you are generaly unaware of the power of an HOA, especially when your housing subdivision comes with “amenities” (which are run by the HOA). I avoid HOAs like the plague.

    • Unfortunately, you often don’t have a choice. Builders and residents of new developments usually find that the local towns don’t want to provide key services like trash pickup, snow plowing, road maintenance and changing bulbs in street lights. So the residents need to pay for their own services. Which means someone has to collect payments, hire contractors, etc.

      Even more so if the development provides services like a community pool, clubhouse, playground, athletic field, etc.

      All of these make an HOA pretty much inevitable if you want to live in a new housing development.

      The important thing is to get and read the HOA’s covenant before you commit to buying a house there and don’t buy in a neighborhood where it has things you object to.

      As for “submit to”, I’ve found that most HOAs would love it if the residents would bother to show up at the quarterly meetings, voice their opinions, and participate in updating the covenant to keep pace with the times and the consensus of the current residents. But most people can’t be bothered (in my neighborhood, lots of great ideas never got adopted because we couldn’t get a minimum number of residents to bother returning the ballots!) So we generally end up stuck with the set of rules that the builder created when the neighborhood was first constructed 10-20 years ago. 🙁

    • If you want a home built in the last 30 years that you didn’t build yourself, you’re probably stuck with a HOA. The initial rules are designed so that the first buyers can’t ruin later sales by the developers. And the way the rules are written, it can be like pulling teeth to get them changes. (House rules, easy. But the governing documents – good luck.)

  2. Well, least Dethany’s trying to make better use of that tombstone.

    It can’t be any worse than in “The Simpsons” comic’s when Marge got into trouble with the Neighbourhood Watch Committee over hanging out her washing on a clothesline – least Bart & Lisa came to her help, but when the man who got Marge into trouble objected to Marge ‘s clean underwear it all went bad for him and therefore turned in Marge’s favour…

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