8 thoughts on “January 29, 2017

  1. What stinks is, so MANY RL facilities/businesses are exactly that way; I once had to quit a job because of it being LITERALLY that way!

  2. Given that Candy Moatmonster lives close enough for runoff from the company to keep her home livable for her, who needs the toxins to survive, it could quite literally have been a toxic work environment

    • It was indeed, and where is Candy these days anyway? Her position on the front desk was just suddenly taken over by Guy…
      Did she just shrivel up when Fastrack became a full-on data firm, or did she leave to be with her online ” boyfriend of the mind”?

      • Candy Moatmonster spends her time exclusively in her human form these days. She’s in charge of Fastrack’s security, and is therefore Guy’s boss.

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