4 thoughts on “January 28, 2017

    • “Dox” as in documents. The term refers to revealing private information (home address, phone number, employer, etc.) about someone online without that person’s permission. The practice is highly controversial, since it’s often meant to encourage shaming or harassment of the target. It can be a criminal matter, if the information revealed was obtained illegally, if there is clear intent to harass, or if the posted information is incorrect and defamatory.

      • That happened to me once back in 2012. I was working as a pizza delivery boy, and I’d just signed off and had been home for an hour when I got a mysterious phone call on my mobile asking me to come back to check on an accident in the car park – which later turned out I had nothing to do with at all.

        It later turned out that one of the staff members had given the guy who called me my private number…WITHOUT the manager’s permission (or got it when he wasn’t looking)

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