4 thoughts on “January 25, 2017

  1. And this is why I run AdBlock and FlashBlock wherever possible. I’ll allow ads for sites I want to support (like this one), but Flash doesn’t get enabled unless I explicitly want to see Flash content (which is less and less these days, since YouTube now uses HTML5 for streaming and other video portals are quickly following.)

  2. yep, AdBlock+ (turned off when farming comics) and NoScript. sometimes I will temporarily allow scripts, but that gets really annoying when a page goes 3, 4, even more levels deep of 3rd party sites before it will completely load

  3. NoScript alone is enough for me, it blocks ads not originated within the website itself, and lets you admit ads from desired sources for supporting the site and site’s sponsors (I whitelist Project Wonderful, for example). Can be a pain sometimes, starting from a “block everything” stance to find the correct minimum that permits sites to display properly, but vastly reducing the possibility of drive-by downloads from tainted ads or compromised sites makes it worth the hassle for me.

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