12 thoughts on “January 20, 2017

    • Because until it’s successfully challenged the legal status is it’s active, and Opens potential employers to a suit as named defendants if they hire her, that threat makes it the jab search even harder

  1. This is why being asked to sign an employment contract in one’s own blood is a warning sign that this is not the company you want to work for. No matter how nice that Mister Lewis Siffer seems to be.

  2. Unfortunately, though this is a comic strip, so MANY contracts are penned in blood like this; its damn ridiculous! You’d be SHOCKED at what a company will require its ’employees’ to do for it to protect its interests!

  3. That can’t be legal. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to get able lawyer for any unrelated thing like divorce or something (not that I’m saying she would want able divorce ).

    • You can’t even make a non-compete as broad as “you can’t work as an accountant after leaving us”, so there are no worries that this is at all enforceable.

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