8 thoughts on “February 7, 2016

    • I rather like them! It takes dedication, time and resources to design, finance and get tattoos, especially tasteful ones. Even though I’d never want one myself, I can appreciate a beautiful piece of art anywhere.

    • Fortunately women, attractive to you or not, are under no obligation to cater to your tastes. But you might want to grow a little tolerance for them, as it seems there are few people under 30 that don’t have at least one. I can only imagine the number of people walking around with body art is going to go up as the years go by.

    • it depends on the tattoo, in my opinion. if it’s clearly been planned carefully, and looks good, then I don’t generally care. If it’s clearly a tattoo that was done just for the sake of having a tattoo, then I agree.

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