7 thoughts on “February 4, 2018

  1. No, no one wants malware. But when you’ve had an update break some major functionality a time or two, putting off installing starts to make sense.

    Of course, this is Art, so it’s probably just laziness.

    • Agreed. My last three “Anti-malware” installations turned out to Cause the problems like Addware and Spyware. So yeah… it can be past relations that cause distrust in a new one.

      However, in Art’s (unintentional) defense, that update doesn’t look all that stable. You shouldn’t just give someone something JUST because they whine about it, ya know?

    • Win 10 updates are purely evil. Frequently flaky updates that you can’t even turn off mean I won’t be buying anything running 10. (I’m typing this on a laptop I bought cheap from a co-worker after a botched update bricked it. It’s now happily running Ubuntu.) Let’s just hope Mircrosoft gets it better next time.

      • Win 10 is really turning me off. Those build updates take about as long as installing a new OS. And there there’s all that fluff that’s part of Windows “Pro” that can’t be uninstalled by normal means. And if you try to uninstall some things, you find it’s only installed for that account – it’s not uninstalled for the whole machine.

        [censored], [censored] dang [censored].

        Microsoft, you’re doing your damnedest to turn me turn me into a Chrome or Linux person.

  2. I don’t mind the security updates but some of the OS updates cause problems, particularly in one of my older laptops out of 6 machines in the house. The update notification kept saying “In order to install the latest security update, you must install the OS update.” Well, that update kept knocking out my wireless and Ethernet adapters. It’s hard to just roll back the device drivers when the machine doesn’t recognize they’re even there. Every time it updated it was the same old thing…I’d revert to the previous OS build and the next time I’d turn the machine on, it would try and/or update again….sometimes twice a day. Finally, after a combination of Group Policy and Service changes, I think it was a registry edit that did the trick. I haven’t been bothered in two weeks now. I’ll do a manual update in about a month and see what happens.

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