2 thoughts on “February 23, 2019

  1. I’m surprised Samantha did use this during her pregnancy in “Safe Havens” last year…then again, since she spent it in zero gravity she didn’t have any problems till delivery, but backache was something she never experienced, unlike her friends’ previous pregnancies…

    And I wonder if this option is okay for pregnancies in “Kevin & Kell”, for those who hang upside down – like bats – might find it helpful….however since it’s not cyberspace but “real” life, there might be complications within the womb if they did that.

    (NOTE: Ever since Autocorrect became pregnant, I’ve looked at her in a completely different age light. Till now, because of the glasses and hair, I always saw her as an elderly lady – probably old enough to be Dethany’s grandma. Guess I’ve read so many furry webcomics where a character’s hair colour, like “Sabrina Online” doesn’t always signify that they are elderly, and many characters don’t wrinkle in their old age)

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