5 thoughts on “February 2, 2017

    • Candy Moatmonster is still in charge of security, and therefore she’s Guy’s boss. However, now she exclusively lives in her human form.
      Practically, this is because a major element in the strip has become the contrast between the real world and cyberspace, and a fantasy element in the real world would muddy that.

      • I have to ask…would moving her to appear from time to time in Safe Havens, as Patina has moved to, allow her to show up more often? With the Mars mission link between the two strips and SH having more fantastic elements, she wouldn’t detract from the focus there. Plus, as head of security she would also likely have at least some business with the upcoming crew

        • I too think she would fit in well with Safe Havens. In part because the whole genetics stuff actually DOES fit in with that strip’s setting.

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