4 thoughts on “February 18, 2019

    • Quite likely since I think Bill has specified that this takes place earlier than what’s going on in Safe Havens. I’m also counting it as another hint that Dethany is being groomed to be Miss Trellis’s place and can look forward to a life of seeing how things look from the point of view of the PHB. ^_^

    • It could be, but honestly, I have trouble imagining a competent Executive Secretary suddenly becoming CEO of a large tech company, even if she has a few successful projects unrelated to her actual work under her belt.

      Sure, the world is huge, so maybe someone could give us a few examples where this has happened, but in most cases, especially with big companies, I can’t imagine a PA becoming CEO. It just seems so far-fetched. But hey, comic strip, so who knows…

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