4 thoughts on “December 9, 2016

    • Unfortunately, many small towns don’t want to pay for essential services (like trash pickup, snow plowing, street lights, etc.) for new developments. They want the property taxes but don’t want to provide the services. So the developers are pretty much forced to create an HOA, if for no other reason than to collect dues and pay for these services.

      How restrictive an HOA’s covenant is will depend greatly on those who live in the community. Some are far more restrictive than others. And given the fact that most of the time, nobody wants to serve on HOA boards, there’s ample opportunity for those who care badly enough to get elected and try to make changes. (In our HOA, the biggest problem is getting enough people to bother voting on proposed changes to the covenant. We need 75% approval for changes, but we rarely get more than 30% even bothering to return the ballots.)

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