4 thoughts on “December 25, 2017

    • Agreed. I suspect Dethany’s exercise in moral relativism is just a way of sweeping the problem under the rug – A naughty/nice list can’t be hacked if it doesn’t exist. I guess she’s decided Santa’s security system is too inept to be helped and that the original list itself is beyond her powers of recovery. ^_~

      • There is no such thing as an unhackable computer system. Just levels of difficulty. As long as the naughty/nice list exists it will be vulnerable to spies. I don’t think Dethany’s objection to the list’s existence is so much its vulnerabilities, but that it is such a black vs white thing. Dethany has commented before on the fact that she views the world as shades of grey, and not as binary as others perceive it to be.

  1. Lets be honest. Naughty/Nice list basically just refers to the line between the nicer portion of people and the rest. With naturally, only the nicest group being the ones Santa would use his potentially limited time to deliver to.

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