6 thoughts on “December 21, 2017

    • Maybe they have backups in case one or more get sick on Christmas Eve. And I’m sure there are new ones in training, or some of the reindeer have kids.

    • One of the founding members of Wikileaks, and as far as you can tell from the rest of his actions a total a**hole. He fled into the Equadorian ambassary in London in order to dodge a rape charge in his home country.

      • Actually, his home country is Great Britain and it was a rape charge in Sweden. According to the account of his accuser, he and her had consensual sex, both went to sleep and then she woke up to find that he was doing her again while she slept. And she charged him with rape on that basis.

        None of which is relevant to this cartoon. What’s being referenced here is that he published information embarrassing to the Hillary Clinton campaign at a time when the American press was licking her feet. Our liberal friends were completely OK with things when he published America’s military secrets but when he published information embarrassing to the Democrats that’s when things became real for them. ^_^

        Here’s the Wikipedia account of him for what such things are worth. ^_~


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