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    • Well, the original Ghost in the Shell is vastly supperior to the remake, because the remake is basically the old movie with some new CGI and new voicework. The CGI is pretty bad. I am not even sure if you can call it a remake, it’s more like a modernization gone wrong.

  1. I might get a lynch mob after me, but I actually enjoyed the remake. It is not as good as the anime of course, but I thought they did a fairly good job sticking to the visual style and characters.

  2. Bagging on the live GiTS is like bagging on Nickleback. It’s cool to say because everybody’s saying it, whether it’s really true or not. Especially for those who haven’t seen/heard the actual material under discussion. I watched the original (on VHS, when it was the only game in town!), and all of the succeeding movies & such, and I liked this addition to the series. I have no problem with ScarJo’s casting, as it is pointed out that a naked brain and spinal cord has no ethnicity, other than the identity held by the ghost. There is no requirement or reason for her mechanical body to appear Asian, and contentions to the contrary are not supported by objective view of the art style, of GiTS and most other anime. How Asian is Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)?! The changes to backstory and such were neither unreasonable nor egregious, especially compared against some other comic book adaptations (Stallone as Judge Dredd, all of the pre-Avengers Marvel movies, etc.) — if you can handle DCEU being different/parallel from the printed comic continuity, you should have no problem doing the same here.

  3. Did they make an actual remake of the movie? I wouldn’t call a Hollywood adaptation a “remake,” and I don’t usually hear Stand Alone Complex (a series) being referred to as a remake.

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