12 thoughts on “August 1, 2017

  1. One logical consequence of the feminist obsession with “manspreading” is a simple one. Men are quite clearly better off dumping the mass transit system so beloved of liberals and taking cars instead. So that’s what they will inevitably start doing should this go on. Might be fun to see how well the mass transit system that our liberal buddies like so well do when they start losing 50% of their customer base over this little obsession. ^.^

  2. “Manspreading” isn’t a thing at all. It’s just a term evil feminists created because they don’t want men to sit comfortably. What’s next? Trying to tell us that “kill all men” is about equality?

  3. Women are taught to place their legs close together. Men will spread out with their crotch open. It’s culturally brought up. Does it exist? Yeah.

    Is it annoying on a subway or other transit? Yeah.

    Can it be disrespectful in a business meeting or table setting? Yeah.

    One of the earlier studies was done in 1979, through a series of photographs by Marianne Wex, who developed an astonishing level of body understanding and vocabulary during what amounted to a decade-long endeavor.

    > http://www.thrillist.com/culture/the-scientific-reason-behind-men-manspreading-on-the-subway is one article, but you can read Wex’s work, also.

        • If they are wearing pants without a hold cut out for all to see, they are not displaying their crotch. But let me guess, you fully support all those free-bleeders who proudly show that they are wearing their blood-stained clothes.

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