18 thoughts on “April 26, 2017

    • Either the colorist didn’t pay attention again, or someone thought that a representation of a female reproductive system, however abstract, had no place in a newspaper comic.

    • It’s a belated comment on the Women’s March. A number of them wore items referencing female genitalia, including kitty hats.

    • So I’m gathering you haven’t been reading Bill Holbrook very long, then? One thing you would have found, if you’d been reading Bill for any real length of time, is that every time he touches on something even remotely political, as so many things are, someone inevitably makes a statement exactly like the one you just spouted.

      Could you complete the scene and state how you’re going to storm away and never read the comic again? That’s always my favorite part.

  1. Why would she or her great aunt want to be part of a march like that? Its chief organizer is a woman who wants to institute Sharia Law here, and womwn who dress like Dethany would be among the first lined up for stoning! Holbrook usually does better homework than this.

      • Thank you Bill. I did not agree with everyone who marched on every issue, But I need to make my voice known on issues like immigration, and social justice and care for the poor.

        My grandma and my mom would have been there… with the hottest pink hat they could find!

      • Unfortunately, the entire crass spectacle ignored its “true aims”, assuming you meant promoting respect for women. Ladies who had the slightest bit of decency, civility, or self-respect were made unwelcome. 🙁

        • My daughter and I were part of the March in Atlanta on Jan. 21, along with 60,000 others. It was positive, respectful, and nothing remotely like your description.

      • Amen, Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Sorry about all the exclamation marks, but the pop-up said my message was too short to post. 🙂

      • Do you mean to say that she does not promote a system that places women below men? The marchers showed no indication that they knew her goals, either.

        When I was in college, protesters were calling for the ouster of the Shah, and for the Ayatollah to lead Iran. Tell me if the women fared better under the former, or the latter.

        • I was also in college during the late 1970s. Those protests have absolutely zero connection to the purpose and content of the recent marches.

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