2 thoughts on “April 19, 2018

  1. Bless you, Dethany/Bill.

    This one hits real close to home.

    I’ve been a temp and contractor a few times over the decades, and more often than not, experienced the cold shoulders, resentment, and “you don’t exist” attitudes even though I not only did not reciprocate, but made it a point to be friendly and helpful to the employees.

    Three different times, my friendliness and helpfulness lead to permanent employment with those firms; two of which unfortunately went under (DEC, Sun Microsystems.)

    I’ve also seen companies for whom I’ve worked miss out on hiring very skilled and personable temps and contractors who would have been excellent additions to staff; in some cases because the hiring managers had no clue, but more often because the – shunning, for lack of a better word – they endured guaranteed the potential hire’s adamant refusal to ever work for that company in any capacity.

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